Two Great Bonus Gifts to Choose From!

Bonus Gift Option #1: $100 To Spend During Your Orlando Vacation!

You are already getting a great deal by getting two trips in warm and wonderful Florida & The Bahamas, but you can enjoy it even more with $100 extra to spend. You pay $259 for two great getaways and we turn around and give you $100 of it back on a Visa gift card. So, if you choose the $100 Visa Gift card, you have only paid $309 for three vacations!

With $100 You Could...

Fill The Fridge

Your Orlando Villa at Calypso Cay comes with a full kitchen; all you need to do is bring the food. Stop and grab some groceries or order them through the convenient grocery delivery service with your Visa gift card. Making your own meals can give you more money to spend having a great time at all the close by theme parks!

Buy Souvenirs

You’ll want to bring home souvenirs of your trip to Orlando. That could be Disney gear for a friend, family members or yourself; or it could be SeaWorld treasures from their gift shop. Use your $100 for those extra little souvenirs that encapsulate the memories of the time you spent in Orlando.

Enjoy A Wonderful Meal

Use your $100 Visa card to enjoy meals on your trip. Orlando has so many great dining places that you can enjoy using your free gifts to take in all the best dining venues.

Do More While On Your Trip

Use the extra $100 to do more than your budget would normally allow. See another theme park or do some site seeing. Make the most of your time away and splurge on entertainment.

Save It For A Rainy Day

Maybe you just want to save your Visa card for another time, a special online purchase or even to give as a gift. That is the great thing about these cards, they can be used for whatever you want at any place that accepts Visa. It is all up to you!

Bonus Gift Option #2: One Week of Free Car Rental with Unlimited Miles!

Alamo Car Rental

Anyone who has ever rented a vehicle for a week or even a few days knows just how valuable a gift this bonus option provides. For one whole week during your stay in Florida a rental car from Alamo** is yours to use, with no mileage limits! For those who prefer the convenience of driving a private vehicle to and from their vacation destinations, this bonus gift option provides an amazing value throughout your stay in Orlando and Daytona.

**Economy sized car, taxes on rental not included in offer.

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